New Year goals

Another new year, another time to create goals for ourselves.  Resolutions get kind of a bad name, since so many of us set unrealistic goals, and then ditch the unceremoniously a few weeks into the year.  However, I still find it a great time to start the year off right.  After December, many of us have overindulged in food and drinks, and maybe underindulged in physical activities.  January is the time to check ourselves on some bad habits we've created over the holidays, or even over the last whole year.  Here are some suggestions for ways to restart yourself:
1.  Track your food.  See what kinds of foods you are eating too much of, and what you are not eating enough of.
2.  Sign up for a race, give yourself something to train for.
3.  Set up your calendar, write down the times that you are going to workout.
4.  Join a team of a sport you like to play. 
5.  Track your miles (running, biking, swimming) on
6.  Sign up with a personal trainer!  Just joining a gym can sometimes backfire, if you aren't going to go, you may end up feeling guilt for paying for your gym membership, which will just make you feel bad.  

Ok, those are just some ideas.  One of my resolutions is to write on my blog more often!  So, hopefully, I'll see you here in 2013!

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