Coming back from injury!

For the past two months I've been suffering from an overuse injury in my hamstring.  This meant NO running.  When my PT told me that I wasn't going to be able to run (let alone train and run my marathon I was planning on doing), it felt like an impossible feat.  I love running.  It makes me feel better, it is my social life, it keeps me in shape to do the other things I like to do, it gets me outdoors (even in the worst of weather!).  I had a few rough patches during the two months where I got really down.  Luckily, the positive aspects of my injury seem to outweigh the negative (really!).  My PT has been working on strengthening my Gluteus Medius, which are the lateral muscles behind (no pun intended!) your Gluteus Maximus.  Also, we've been working on strengthening my upper abdominals, and correcting my anterior pelvic tilt.  Doing exercises to correct my posture, and strengthen muscles that haven't been pulling their weight has insured that my hamstring isn't doing as much of the work, and will also help avoid injuries in the future.  Because of my posture, my back was next on the list of things that was going to start hurting.  THAT doesn't sound fun.  Also, I had to be creative with my workouts.  As a personal trainer, it was a wonderful exercise to force myself to change up my workout routine.  I signed up for a small group session at the gym with another awesome trainer, and some ladies that are bad-ass.  I also rode my bike, swam, and *gasp*, did the elliptical.  I learned so much during this time, and now, I am on the mend!  I have started running again (slow, for now), and will be walk/running the Eugene half, instead of running the full.  I have come out of this injury with a positive attitude, and a stronger body.  Hurrah!

My boot camp is outside again!  So, come join us!  First session is free.  E-mail me with questions.

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