Fremont 5k

So, my family went out of town last weekend, and left me to my own devices.  The first thing I did?  The Fremont 5k on Friday night.  A few of my friends did it with me, and it was so fun!  I ran my PR of 21:24, which as you can see from my bottom picture made me feel grrrrrrreat!  After the race we went and hung out in the beer garden (nothing better than feeling like you are going to puke from running fast, then going and getting a beer).  My friends and I have all gotten faster and we started talking about how amazing it is to see your times progress.  Of course, this doesn't happen on its own.  It takes hard work, which doesn't always make you feel like that bottom picture.  But, if you remember how you feel at the end of a race when you PR, the hard work is WAY worth it.  When I'm pushing myself in a track workout, or a long run, I just remember that feeling.  Plus, my beer and dinner tasted better that night than they ever do :)

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