Running on a road trip

Where have I been?  On a spontaneous road trip to San Francisco with my husband and two kids (ages 4 and 2).  It was quite an adventure.  I wanted to make sure I still worked out while I was on the trip, because road trips can be filled with lots of food I wouldn't normally eat, and also I'm training for a half marathon, and I needed to keep my training up.  So, I went on a few runs, and I went to two Barre classes that my friend happened to be taking.  It was great!  My favorite part was my 12 mile run in Portola Valley, which was close to where my friend's house that I was staying at was.  
 The run was so beautiful!  The trail that I was on was for bikers, runners, and horses.  Luckily, it wasn't very busy yet, because I was up and running early (because I was a little worried about sharing the trail with horses). I did run into a few beautiful roadkills, one of which was a raccoon that out of the corner of my eye I thought was still alive.  Yikes!  The sun was coming out in spurts, and it made the scenery look all the more beautiful.  I didn't bring any water, so I just stopped into a market that was on my route (my friend had driven me through the route the day before, so I knew where it was!) and took a second to hydrate.  This market was POSH!  Portola valley is full of horses, but its also full of technology billionaires.
 I felt so much peace on this run, and it gave me a little break from my family who I'd been with in very close quarters for most of the trip.  It felt great to get my longest run done for my half marathon training, and I did it alone, and on a vacation!  If you've got a spring vacation coming up, try to stay close to your workout plan, it feels like a real triumph (and you can enjoy the food you're eating a little more!).

Anyone know what a broom pull is?  Saw this at the beginning of my run!

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