Race for the Roses

This is my 2 year old running on the course for a hug at mile 7.  Cute!

Race for the Roses is the half marathon I've been training for for the last few months.  I did it last year in 2:05, and this year I did it in a 1:46!  See what a year (and lots and lots and lots of running), can do for you?  It was a really fun race.  All of my friends did great, and we had a fun time seeing each other on the course.  The weather was nice, which is amazing, since it had been raining non-stop for days before the race. The only hold-up was that a train crossed our path and stopped us for 5 minutes!  Luckily, they were able to correct our times for the wait, and I also kept my time on my own watch.  Now, I'm on to train for the Rock and Roll half marathon in June.  How is your training going?

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