The great outdoors

I just started holding class outdoors again for the first time since October, and it was great!  I love training outside, and I love it even more that its light outside at 6:30am.  It gives me hope for breaking into seasons that are a little more desirable to workout in.  I'm excited to run in a tank top and shorts.  I'm excited to go swimming at the beach.  I'm excited to go hiking without slipping in the mud.  I'm excited to go on long walks with friends without my children getting soaked.  I'm excited to play soccer without gloves on.  I'm excited to go paddleboarding.  I know as a native Seattleite that getting excited about these things too early is trouble, but I just can't help myself.  I encourage all of my clients to workout outside throughout the elements, but boy does the idea of not being scared to get out of the car to go running make me happy.  I'm excited to not have to wring out my socks when I get home.  I'm excited not to have to clean mud off my shoes.  I'm excited about not having numb hands.  I'm excited to not wear a hat or hood to run in.

Please spring and summer, come quickly.  For all of you who have braved the elements all Fall and Winter and gone out to do your athletic thing, you deserve a little comfortable weather.  You've earned it.  I'm not complaining.  I'm not asking for 80 degree days.  Just a little break from the rain, freezing cold, and dark days.  We deserve it!

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