Now that I'm back from vacation, its time to enjoy cooking good, healthy homemade meals again.  Now that there are a million food blogs out there, there are so many recipes to choose from that it can be overwhelming.  Luckily, I've been killing time reading and cooking from food blogs for awhile now, and I've found a few favorites that are both healthy and tasty.  Here are five of my favorites:

1.  I've cooked many of these recipes, and they've all been fantastic.  Also, she takes some amazing food pictures, which sets the tone for the site.  She has also written two cookbooks, one of which I own.  The food is all using very healthy, all natural ingredients, and are all vegetarian.  Try some of these out!

2.  This blog knows how to make a salad sexy, and stand out as a main dish.

3.  Ok, so this one isn't as healthy, but she does use really good ingredients, and the food is the BEST!

4.  These are really good, really low fat recipes on this site.  If you need to lose weight, or are working on weight maintenance, this is a great site for food that doesn't taste like its as healthy as it is.

5.  My favorite drop biscuits are from this site.  She knows her stuff, and the food from here is just plain tasty.

Have fun cooking!


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