My clients are awesome!

One of my clients is training for a 10k.  So she set up the most fantastic organization system for her training.  I was so excited about it, I immediately took a picture of it.  She has put all her miles on the calendar, her current strength training on the "notes" section, and has attached the strength training workout that I give her every week to the bottom, next to the Hal Higdon training plan. 

This is an excellent way to get yourself to stick to a plan.  She also has this white board next to her workout area.  She has her weights, resistance bands, and spinning bike in the corner of her office, and it makes it very inviting to come workout there. 

Different systems work for different people.  She likes to use white boards, but I like to use a regular paper calendar that travels around the house (so I can look at it near the computer, or in the kitchen, or bring it somewhere if I need to).  Some people like to use digital calendars, which is easy to look at when you are at work, or at home.  You can also set up alerts, to "gently remind" you to get your butt in gear.  Happy planning!

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