treat yourself

Happy (day after) Valentines Day!  I gave myself a special Valentines treat of trying out a Barre workout for the first time.  I went to Barre 3 in Capitol Hill, and it was a beautiful space.  The ceilings are high, the decor modern and relaxing, and it gives yourself a feeling that you are treating yourself.  There is a little open childcare space, so most people that were at the class that I went to were moms with little ones.  All of those moms looked AWESOME!  The clientele is definitely inspiring, with long lean muscles, and great little tushes.  I made my appointment online, which was easy and fast.  For new clients its only $30 for three classes (though it goes up considerably after that).

The actual studio is a bright space with ballet bars and mirrors along all of the walls.  There are some balls, light weights, and straps in the corner of the room.  There was a little warm-up with some cardio at the beginning.  Most of the moves involve small, pulsing movements, that make your muscles SHAKE!  There were some moves that reminded me of ballet moves (we went up on our toes a few times, and used the bar a lot), but mostly it seemed like a challenging pilates class with a ballet twist.  It was great, but also very hard.  My muscles are a little tight from running and soccer, so some of the moves were difficult for me.  I'm going back next week to try it again, I'm pretty hooked!

Do you ever give yourself a treat by trying a new fitness craze or sport? 

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  1. My hairdresser told me about Barre about a year ago. I hadn't heard of it till then. But I've been wanting to try it. Maybe next time I see it on a Groupon, I'll give it a try! (But honestly, I'm afraid I'll get addicted.)