New gear for the new year

Looking forward to moving more in the new year, but lacking the clothes to do it comfortably?  Having the right clothes to work out can be very important to feeling good doing what you do.  Here are some of my favorites for different price points, and for different weather conditions.

For Nighttime: Brooks Nightlife reflective hat:,default,pd.html  This is neon green with reflectors, plus a blinking night on the back if necessary.  Even with the light, its still a very lightweight hat, perfect for running in the rain, or at night.

Long Sleeved Shirts/Light Coats
Higher priced: Lululemon distance pullover No need for gloves, this thing has some amazing features.
Lower priced: C9 zip front  I don't have this, but I generally trust C9 as far as lower priced workout gear goes.

Tank Tops
I always wear cheap cotton tank tops, because I think this is a place I can save myself money, so I always buy them from Forever 21, Fred Meyer or Target.  If you'd like something more technical, try Lululemon and Zella in the higher priced category, or Target's C9 in the lower priced category (I do have a C9 tank top I like, and its this one:

For spring/fall:  Zella Live in Capris  I LIVE in these.
For summer: Nike Phantom shorts^12002^4294962511&p=PWP&t=Women%27s%20Bottoms#?ll=en_US&ct=US&pid=398788&cid=101101&pgid=360309&p=PDP  These are great because they have spandex shorts underneath so there is no chafing. 
For winter:  Zella Live in pants

Compression sleeves:  These may seem goofy, but in Seattle wearing these with a tank top is usually perfect for 50% of the year for running.  They never make you too hot, and they keep your arms warm without restricting your movement.
Hair:  Lululemon skinny satin pirouette  This is the only headband I've found that stays put.  It is also good for working out, and can also be dressed up a little.
Socks:  Asics Hera Diva No Show I like shorties, and these are really stretchy so they never fall down over my heel.  Also, I never get blisters in these, but they are pretty lightweight so they aren't bunchy in my shoes.

My only advice here, is to go to a running shoe store where there are people to help you find the right shoe for you.  My favorite shoes are Asics, but its different for everyone depending on your foot.  If you live in Seattle, I recommend going to Jock and Jill in Greenlake.  Try running or walking in the shoe before buying it, and remember if it doesn't work for you at home, every good running shoe store should let you return it.

Good luck!  Let me know if you have any questions about any running/workout clothing.  I have a lot of it, so I may be able to help you.

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