New years resolutions?

I always get a little nervous making New Years resolutions.  I don't know why, because I love setting goals for myself.  Maybe its the pressure of basing my goal setting on a particular day, which feels arbitrary as far as my own life is going.  Or maybe its that most resolutions are loose statements like "lose weight" or "save money" or "work out more".

To make your resolution a more successful goal setting experience, follow these tips to make it something that can be beneficial, instead of making you feel guilty for not reaching it.

  1. Make your goal specific.  Make it something that when you achieve it, you'll know it.  Statements like "lose weight" are easy to dodge, and hard to reach because though it might be something you'd like to do, your goal doesn't include any strategies on how to reach it.
  2. As I mentioned above.  Think of a goal, and include steps to reach it.  If your plan is to lose ten pounds, include ways that you are going to do it.  Cut out fast food, eat two veggies a day, go to the gym four times a week, etc......
  3. Make them realistic.  I know you've heard this before, but make sure they are a challenge, but not unreachable.  Is this going to be a really busy year?  Is that really the best year to start a new hobby?  
  4. Choose a race or activity as a goal.  Maybe you'd like to try your first 5k, or you wanted to do a triathlon, or a bike ride.  These goals will include training, which will help you get in better shape, and force you to exercise, because nobody wants to show up at the start line ill prepared.  
I hope these help.  Have a wonderful, healthy start to the new year!

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