another great boot camp!

Curtsy curls

I think we call this "milking the cow" now

Mountain climbers

Elbows to knees beginning position

Elbows to knees, ending position

fast kicks

Uppercuts with fast squats

fast feet with lunge

lunge that accompanies fast feet.  Lunges go front and back.

Side lunges with leg lift

Side lunge that accompanied leg lift

Front/side arms.  This one is great for triceps!

Other arm position.

Bent over chest press

Burpees with push-up.  These are killer!

One of our clients with excellent side kicks!

Kim working out the group.


Another nice day for a workout!  We did some great arm work today, focusing on our triceps, since most of us don't workout our triceps enough.  I was able to get some good pictures of our wonderful boot camp clients working hard, and showing great form.  Kim and I are going out of town this week, but we'll be back next weekend for another great workout.  See you then!

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