Rain or shine!

We had some real troopers out today, working out with us in the rain!  We started out with a jog around the track, then did some fartleks, and some football shuffle to get our heart rates up.  Here is what we did next:

Matrix lunges

Ghengis Khan burpees

180 degree plyos (turning front to back)

180 plyos in action!

Kick front, kick back

hot feet to cross jabs

Speed bags

Side view of speed bags

Lunge with triceps (use weights)

Curtsy curl (use weights)

High knees

One legged squat

Push up to T-stand

We also did squat jumps at the end, followed by an ab workout: Regular plank, walking plank, and plank jacks.  Then ending the workout with some stretching.  Thanks for everyone that came out in the icky weather!


  1. sounds fun! but the Ghengis Khan Burpies scare me a little....

  2. Girl, you climbed Mt. Rainer! Nothing should scare you.....