Biceps, triceps, and shoulders workout

Ok, I didn't take pictures today, but here is a list of what exercises we did:
We jogged around the track, then did butt kickers and high knees.
Set 1:
Knee to elbow raises
Power squat with overhead lift (or as we want to name them:  backwards wood choppers)
Alternating overhead arms
Set 2:
Forward lunges with cross jabs
Forward front kicks
Butt burners
Set 3:
Lunge jumps (these were tough, brought the heart rate up!)
Single leg balance
Side leg raises
Set 4:
Bent over triceps (with weights)
Bent over shoulders (with weights)
Ab set:
Leg raises
Sinking boat
Side to side heel touch

Next week we are going to do some great ab exercises, to get everybody ready for bathing suit season.  Come join us!

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