What do you love?

Maybe you're working on a diet for the new year.  Or, maybe you're dedicating yourself to a new workout plan.  When you do these things, think about how you can maintain these for the whole year (and beyond!).  Don't make yourself suffer too much, otherwise who knows how long you'll be willing to put yourself through it.  Find what you love, that also happens to be healthy, and try to do those more.  Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

Make a list of all the fresh and healthy foods that you love.  Here is mine:
-Nonfat Greek yogurt
-String cheese

Then, go buy them.  Fill up your cupboards/fridge with healthy food you love.  Find recipes that use these ingredients.  You are more likely to succeed eating healthy if you are enjoying the food you are eating.  If you are new to eating some of these foods, try them, and go to www.foodgawker.com or any other compilation of food blogs and search these recipes for something fantastic.

Is there a sport you like to play?  Do you like team sports, or individual sports?  Go back to something you enjoyed when you were a kid, chances are you're going to have fun getting back to something you used to love.  It may be frustrating at first, because it may take awhile to get back to how good you used to be, but its a goal to work towards.  Some of us need a healthy competitive outlet, and sports can provide that for us. 

I play soccer and run for my competitive outlet.  I played soccer throughout my childhood, so its really fun to get back to it as an adult.  And, as I get into better shape, I improve at soccer, so its another reason to stay motivated to stay in shape.  Running is something new to me.  Instead of being competitive with other people (pretty sure I'm never going to win a half marathon), I am competitive with myself, trying to better my time.  Then, on those days I go to the gym, I'm not just thinking "I have to do this to lose weight", or "I'm just doing this to stay in shape", I'm thinking "I want to feel great and play well at my next soccer game" or "I want to improve my 5k time".  It will motivate you, and will get you through those times at the gym when you are feeling a little bored.

Good luck!

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