Ok, so I live in Seattle, and our weather is pretty temperate all year (if not a little dark, moody and wet).  But, when it does snow here people FREAK out.  And by people, I mean everybody who was born and raised in Seattle, which includes me.  So, sometimes that means that our regularly scheduled workouts have to be changed, rescheduled or forgotten about entirely.  But, I get a little grumpy when I miss a workout, so what's a girl to do?  My soccer game was cancelled last night, so instead I went out for pizza.  Strike one.  I couldn't do my speed workout this morning because I was afraid to leave my children with the babysitter in case I couldn't get back to them in the snow.  So, I had leftover pizza for lunch.  Strike two.  I had a gym babysitter appointment this afternoon that I cancelled because I'm a FREAK about driving in the snow.  Before I seek out pizza again, its time to figure out how to replace that workout.  Here are my options:

1.  Workout to an exercise video at nap time (which is now, better get on it!).  I'm not usually a fan of working out to videos, but tough times call for some Jillian Michaels videos.

2.  Wait for my husband to get sent home from work and then go out on a snowy run.  Its a little slippery out there, but if I ran at a slow pace it should be fine.

3.  Go for a long snowy walk with the kids after they wake up from nap.  Pushing the double stroller up some snowy hills should be a pretty good workout.

What do you think I should do?  What do you usually do when you can't get out for your regular workout?  Does this remind anyone else of a Choose Your Own Adventure book?

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